Static and animated graphics made for the Huffington Post.

Interactive charts done for the Huffington Post about the Department Of Education under reporting allegations of racial discrimination in schools. I analyzed the data and made the interactive chart. Click here for the story.

California Health Landscape: An interactive, county-level mapping tool done for Environmental Health News

Click on any county in the map above for health, socioeconomic, and environmental information. The darker the shade, the more people who died from Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease. You can see how counties compare to others across the state. Click here for the story.

A static graphic made for the same Environmental Health News story.

Describe your household

What's your household income?

An interactive calucaltor if a person qualify for Mayor de Blasio's 2016 East Harlem housing plan. The calculator compares a person's income with the city's area median income to determine if you qualify. If a person land between 60 and 80 percent AMI, they're in the clear. Plug your salary into the calculator to find out.

Logos made for friends.

T-shirt designs for a freshman living hall for my undergrad and a bowling tournament.

A few poster designs.


A graphic made for an article for the Daily Journal. It shows two bills proposing splitting up the 9th circuit.


A graphic made for The Daily Journal about lawyer’s discipline report in California.